“Step it Up!” 5-day course

“STEP IT UP!” (minimum 5 Days) Only £200 GBP,

Includes “Find your feet” and “Go with the flow” course.
You will gain confidence & awareness in the water.
Learn Eskimo rolls/Duck diving to pass through surf easier.
Learn to understand rip currents & how to use them safely.
Angle take-offs and traversing down the line
Learn how to maintain position in the line up
Surf etiquette – Do’s & Don’ts

And much more!!

All the students will be recalled to the beach at the end of the lesson; head counted, offered advice on how to carry the board, and then walked back to the surf centre or camp. Before the group members change they will be briefed on times and nature of the next lesson and where to leave their equipment.

Lunch can be arranged at the Surf Centre or one of our tried and tested cafes, or bring your own.